The Secret Room

Nestled away from the excitement of the main dining area, experience the privacy and luxury of  “The Secret Room”.  Furnished with your own personal server, access to hand selected wines by our sommelier, Chef’s Tasting Menu created especially for you, and a table side Meet and Greet with Chef Patrick, is just the beginning of what you can experience in “The Secret Room”(maximum seating of six).

“The Secret Room” includes:

≁ Personal Server
≁ Sommelier
≁ Meet and Greet with the Chef
≁ Custom Printed Menu
≁ Customized Music
≁ Designated Parking Space
≁ Secret Entry


≁ Proposals
≁ Anniversaries
≁ Romantic Dinner
≁ Birthday Dinner
≁ A Night Out with Friends
≁ Luxury Culinary Experience


≁ Floral Arrangements
≁ Live Art (Artist creates a painting of your special evening)
≁ Song Writer (creates and performs a song written especially for you)
≁ Customized Wine or Toasting Flutes (i.e. Mrs. _____ to-be, Sandy’s 40th birthday, etc.)

Contact Kristina Miller to Make a Reservation, (760) 855-3261 or